Smile Design in Barranquilla

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Our smile design will give you the possibility to improve the shape, color and proportions of your teeth, in addition to the relationship between them and the other parts of your face, such as gums, lips, chin and nose.

We have the best materials and highly trained professionals in the different specialties of dentistry, we are the best option for your smile design in Barranquilla..

What is smile design?


It is a set of procedures that include all dental specialties in order to improve teeth shape, size, texture, color and proportions, which makes them look more harmonious with an individual’s face. This treatment is strictly personalized and is stipulated upon valuation.

How is smile design done?

The success of a smile design starts with a personalized diagnosis performed with the patient, where the causes of disharmony in teeth, gums, and lips are identified. With this done, the procedures necessary to correct these shortcomings and obtain, finally, the most beautiful and perfect smile for your face. In a smile design process, orthodontics, endodoncy, maxillofacial surgery, oral rehabilitation, as well as other oral branches may be needed. In our dental center, we have the specialized staff to perform this treatment.

How much does smile design cost in Barranquilla?

Each treatment is personalized, therefore, costs may vary. It is necessary for the patient to attend a valuation consultation in order to know the detailed estimate for their treatment.


How do I know if I need one?

If your teeth are very small or short, a fractured tooth, whitening does not work for you, your teeth are very separated; or if your teeth are worn out, smile design is your best option.

Is it convenient for me to get this procedure done?

In the past years, this procedure has seen an important boom in Colombia as well as in other countries. Many dentists have been trying to take advantage of this by offering discounts and offering cheap prices; however, not all of them are qualified to perform this procedure. It is best to choose a dentist who has specialized in this area and that counts with the appropriate materials.

Do I need orthodontics before this treatment?


Each case is different, therefore it may depend. There are situations in which it is completely necessary to perform an orthodontics treatment prior to performing a smile design, i.e. when a patient does not have a good occlusion  There are different malocclusions (biting problem). In these cases, orthodontics play an important role because, if the biting problem is not corrected, when the veneers are put in place, they will look unproportional and the inferior teeth may break or touch the bottom lip.

What is digital smile design?

You may have heard about a digital smile design; they are very in right now because it is a tool that gives the patient confidence and security. A digital smile design is performed through and thanks to a specialized software, where the change that is going to be made is recreated before starting the treatment. This is very useful in order to plan treatment with dental implants, veneers, or complete rehabilitations. With a digital smile design, you will know beforehand the final result of your treatments as well as the appropriate procedures in order to get the results you desire.

At what age can I start a smile design treatment?

Smile design is suggested to start before age 18, but if a teenager desires to undergo this procedure, they should count with an authorization from their parents.