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¿Qué es la Fobia al odontólogo?

Es normal que cuando estés en el consultorio odontológico y veas a tu dentista con una aguja en la mano, sientas algo de fobia o temor; pero no es normal tener un miedo excesivo e irracional de visitar a tu odontólogo, este miedo es más común de lo que parece y se le denomina odontophobia Incluso hay personas que durante años han estado padeciendo enfermedad periodontal y prefieren sufrir las consecuencias en silencio por miedo de ir al dentista.

Mouth It is a very sensitive and intimate place in our body and it is normal to feel anxiety during a visit to the dentist, but when someone has a phobia, they cannot even hear the dentist mention and it is a serious situation that It affects your quality of life.

What are the symptoms?

It is considered phobia after 6 months, how many months or years do you have to not visit your dentist? The symptoms of a person who has odontophobia can be:

  • Fear of surgeries
  • To tooth extraction
  • To anesthesia placement
  • Express that you are afraid of pain
  • Avoid going to a dental appointment deeply
What solutions are there?
relajación por fobia al dentista

There are treatments to overcome odontophobia, we recommend doing some relaxation, and breathing exercises to relieve tensions, choose a dentist who can provide confidence and security to the patient; In our dental center for example, we care to explain each of the steps of your treatment, we clearly explain the procedures so that you feel safe and aware of everything we are going to execute. It is important to clarify that in extreme cases it is necessary the attention on the part of a psychologist or a psychiatrist who is in charge of treating this type of pathologies.

On the other hand, the best option for this type of patients with a lot of anxiety is the Nitrous oxide, An excellent technique of conscious sedation.

What is nitrous oxide and what are its advantages?
óxido nitroso

Es un gas no tóxico, anestésico que produce una sensación agradable y relajante; es también conocido como el gas de la risa, porque brinda una sensación de satisfacción. Este gas se combina con el oxígeno y es ideal para personas ansiosas, que sufren de ataques de pánico, temblores o taquicardias.

It is not injected, It is inhaled through a small mask; does not affect health and the patient is aware all the time. It does not prevent being anesthetized but sedation will help lower anxiety levels and make your most pleasant experience.   

Los efectos del Oxido nitroso desaparecen tiempo después de finalizar el tratamiento y el paciente es capaz de salir de su cita por sus propios medios.

En Carlos Acevedo Odontología contamos con este equipo que hará de tu experiencia en el odontólogo, mucho mas agradable y placentera. Agenda tu cita, ¿En qué tratamiento estas interesado? Smile Design, Implantes Dentales u Orthodontics.


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