Dental Implants in Barranquilla

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Smile again with the best dental implants in Barranquilla, gain back the confidence you need to smile without any complex. Dental implants have become the best definitive solution to replace lost teeth.

What are dental implants?

They are titanium screws, biologically compatibles with our organism which are installed to replace the root of a lost tooth.

What advantages do dental implants offer?

Besides offering comfort, support, and stability, artificial teeth feel and look very natural; which restores a patient’s lost self-esteem. Through a simple surgical procedure, the dental implants are placed on the maxillary bone and the integration with such bone can take anywhere between 4 to 6 months when they are completely steady to provide stable and long-lasting support to the artificial teeth that are replacing lost teeth. The dental implant treatment is very encouraging for those who have lost their teeth and find removable prosthesis uncomfortable.

What are dental implants with guided surgery?

Guided surgery is the most innovative way of placing dental implants; it is more effective, precise and less invasive. It starts with a valuation from a specialist; with the help of the CAD-CAM technology , an intraoral scan is performed on the patient in order to study the maxilla bone and determine the exact location of where the implant must be placed. A splint is fabricated in order to guide the position and location of the implant in the surgery and to avoid opening the gums. This technology can also determine the necessary depth for the implant because everything has been previously planned.


What do dental implants cost?


Each treatment is personalized, therefore, costs may vary.
It is necessary for the patient to attend a valuation consultation in order to know the detailed estimate for their treatment.

Why are they important?


If you have recently lost a dental piece and have not decided to put an implant yet, you need to know some oral problems you may develop if you postpone your treatment during a long time.

You may have experienced difficulty chewing food, this is one of the immediate problems that appear with the loss of one or more teeth and put at risk the quality and comfort of an individual.

With time, you will start to notice that your other teeth have started to move towards the free space, which is why the aesthetic of your teeth may be more compromised.

Not only is the appearance affected, but also the occlusion. You may suffer from worn teeth or rupture of dental structures that will have to support the load of the missing teeth. In the long run, the absence of these structures will cause the loss of the maxilla bone.

All these complications can be avoided if you take the decision of starting your treatment with dental implants as soon as possible; this will avoid your treatment from being more extensive and expensive. Our dental implants in Barranquilla will provide a perfect and permanent solution.