Specialized Team

Adriana Ortega

My name is Adriana Ortega. I am a Dentist and I love my job, especially being able to provide patients with precise diagnoses and idoneous treatment plans thanks to our world-class technology.

Jose Lora Giacometto

I am an oral rehabilitator, my job is to make our patients recover their self-confidence by smiling, at the Carlos Acevedo Dental Center, I have the best technology to perform my work effectively.

Ilva Liliana Florez

I am an oral rehabilitator, with great professional experience, my job at Carlos Acevedo Odontology is to provide efficient and quality services. Here I have the best technology and materials to achieve it.

Erich Meyer Duke

My name is Erich Meyer and I'm an oral rehabilitator. Give back the aesthetics and harmony to a smile is my way of providing something good to those who come to me, I love working with good materials, so Carlos Acevedo Dentistry is the right place to perform my work as a professional.

Light Edith Forero

I am an endodontist, my job is to bring each patient results that improve their oral health, their physical appearance and their quality of life; those who visit us know that in our clinic we work in a warm and welcoming environment.

Karim Stefanell Zarur

I am a dentist specializing in orthodontics. For 13 years I have been part of this great team, where we gather our knowledge and skills daily to meet our main objective, to give our patients incredible results.

Adolfo Marriaga

My job is to save teeth that are severely affected, at the Carlos Acevedo Dental Center I have the technology and materials necessary to carry out my work as an endodontist.

Samia Isaac

I am a periodontist; the care of teeth is my specialty, in our dental center we are aware that health is the most important thing in our lives, that's why from the hand of Doctor Carlos Acevedo, we are the most qualified team to take care of your oral health.

Jaime Gonzalez

I am Jaime González, oral rehabilitator and lover of natural smiles. I love working with my own laboratory because it means providing patients with effective and efficient treatments.

Johana Picture

My name is Johana Cuadro and I'm a dental assistant. I love being part of each patient's process in their treatments, giving them confidence and seeing their joy when they get incredible results. That gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Eliana donated

My specialty is the application of ceramics to achieve naturalness, aesthetics in all our work, made the technical assistance in the clinic.

Shirley Castro

I'm Shirley Castro and I work as a dental assistant. Every day I strive to give my best and I feel fortunate to be able to serve our patients in a place where they learn something new every day.

Sugey Núñez

I'm Sugey Núñez, I've been working for 13 years as a secretary at the reception. I am happy to give my best smile to the patients so that they feel well cared for and know that we are their second family.

Liliana Carreño

My name is Liliana Carreño, I am an administrative assistant and dental assistant. I have 19 years providing service with human quality and ensuring safety in care.

Rosario Rodriguez

My name is Rosario Rodriguez and I am in charge of general services. The order and cleanliness of a place are the guarantee that those who visit it, can feel happy and in harmony.